Monday, February 1, 2010

Nuevo mes...nueva pagina

..."the Bear" made a wonderful lunch for us I didn't have to cook. He's absolutely magic! I love hearty meals...nice bread to dip into the laughter....bliss! email that came to me...oh "Chica Belga"...I love the one who gave you your name...and I'm so happy to know that I have friends like made me cry.

...have we ever asked ourselves of what are the true values in life...what is worth fighting for...what do we keep and what do we throw away without any tears? we value things like trust...what is the value of trust and how much does it cost once we loose it?

...have you ever lost yourself in trust and have you lost yourself once you lost it?

...what do we do in order not to betray trust and if we do, how do we mend it? do we let go of the edge and start swimming again in the pool of warm water? do you stop the pain when the pain doesn't let you forget and how do you stop the pain from stopping you forgiving?

...friends...people that I haven't met in person...or touched...people whose thoughts have made a difference in my day...strangers but know who you are....I love you....


Yoli said...

Que lindo blog!

Lynn Richards said...

Hi Manya, I found your blog from Soul Aperture. I always like to look at food blogs and yours is gorgeous. Is that your kitchen on the header picture??? Just lovely!