Thursday, February 4, 2010

La esencia de una mujer...

..and so it's Carnival time here. Today is a special day where people go out for dinner to celebrate supposedly the last day of eating meat, due to the upcoming lent, so all they eat is a lot of meat, meat, and more meat!!! 3 days ago my Christmas tree went to the store room! I know, I have been so bad this matter how much I love Christmas, I over did it, but it's not totally my fault. I had asked "the little man" for his help but due to puberty and puppy love there wasn't time for this. In case, though, there are more like me, please send me some comfort!!
...I have been very busy baking and decorating, and this weekend it will be more hectic. Little chickies will turn 3..6...5. I just love how excited they get when they ask for their birthday cake to be in a certain way and have a favorite design...I love to watch them opening the box and see the expression on their face....such magic through their eyes...such innocence...pureness...all full of sugar and cotton candy!
...I have been receiving happiness from people that I don't know but have joined my's a very small world after all and I love it! So much kindness going around...such creativity, too...and such woman essence. Don't you find comfort in the company of other women...talking...sharing feelings...fears... insecurities? So much can be said over a cup of coffee!
...when I was growing up on my island, all fathers were working abroad so most of the people who were living in the village were women. Our grandmothers, our moms, our aunts, cousins, friends. Every afternoon we would either go to an aunt's house or they would come to ours. Most women were doing their embroidery or knitting, so they would bring that along. Us children would play in the gardens or in the tiny car-less streets full of flowers. There was no tv, a few radios only and the mailman would blow his horn outside our house maybe once a month in case there was a letter from our father.
So what I remember is many tea gatherings, a lot of food and sweets, women helping in the kitchen, and laughter..lots of laughter!
...summer time the same crowd of moms and children we would go on pick nics by the beach near our house...maybe hire a boat that would take us to another beach....sun in the sky and in our hearts.
I don't remember these women ever being depressed or quite (especially in church!!!). There was always something that kept them going and planning new gatherings and outings.
...I guess blog hopping is just another way of visiting each other's house, like back then....I wish I could treat you with sweets, too, but since it cannot be done the only thing I can offer you is warmth and coziness....thank you for popping in.

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Lynn Richards said...

Oh, what a sweet memory from your childhood....It sounds like you had beautiful, strong, faithful women surrounding you!
Do you bake cakes on order? You should show them!!
The cookies are gorgeous!