Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trabajaba, trabaje y estoy trabajando!

If my oven had a mouth it would of screamed!!!!
I have been working non-stop these past few days with very few sleeping hours. I have no energy....but I'm happy for people who are celebrating their birthdays and chosen me to be part of their happiness.
It's so difficult for a diabetic to be surrounded by so much sugar and such smells!
I get joy when I see people's reaction after tasting my's the applause to an actor. I instantly forget the hours that I've put in, the lack of sleep or the frustration. Vale la pena..
There's always good music in the kitchen, no matter what the hour. Sometimes I peek out the window to see if a neighbor is watching, because there have been times when I have taken a wooden spoon and put on my own show!!! ...and boy was I good!!!!
As I'm watching my three cakes been baked, thinking that the night will be veeery long... I'm saying "good night"to all of you who have the patience to read my blog ... and leave you with a taste of what I'm listening right now!

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