Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soy yo!

...this afternoon a million pictures and ideas were dancing in my head....the feeling was strong to come accross to my hands are sweating, the mind is virgin!
For those who are wondering...I'm a mom, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a singer, an actress, a pastry chef, a broken heart, a bitch, a witch, a friend, a soon to be author, a book worm, a sweet tooth, a Dean Martin believer, an Elvis freak, a recipe collector, a 60's lover, a student, a dreamer, a chocolate lover, an anything to do with Spanish lover, a grouch, a nag, a music lover, a cat... a woman. city is Athens...where the Parthenon stands...I never lend my books, I dream under the sounds of a bandoneon, and I cherish peoples wisdom.


evmark said...

Καλοριζικο, Καλοταξιδο ...και το καρφι του μαλαμα !!!!!!!
Λολοι ολου του κοσμου ενωθειτε !!!!
Καλο Ξημερωμα απ τη βροχερη Χωρα

Elsa said...

Νά πλημμυρίζει πάντα
μέ τήν ομορφιά σου καί τήν γλύκα σου!
Εύχομαι ό,τι καλλίτερο,
η ... μικροανηψιά σου...