Friday, March 12, 2010


...I've been wanting to post for so many days...time had abandoned me...lack of inspiration had settled...

...Spring announces that is here no matter where you turn to...little Easter bunnies have appeared in store windows...the smell of chocolate as you pass by pastry shops is quite intense...Easter candles for godmothers to buy for their godchildren, are hanging...trips are being planned for the Holy Week...there are alot of recipes going around for this period of lent...people are talking about a "spicy" dvd that's been circulating and of course our financial crisis that nobody has senced yet. many of you as you walk or while you're cooking you let your mind wander....sometimes in good places....some others in bad...making plans...lists...creating fantasies... "bowl" of wishes is ready to receive ...

-I want health for me and my loved ones
-I want to finish my turn out the way I've dreamed it to be
-I want to be fluent in Spanish
-I want to open my business here and in Spain
-I want to have trust
-I want always to be able to communicate and spread happiness
-I want Facundo Arana to read my blog!!!
-I want to visit Graceland
-I want to go to Argentina
-I want to grow old, healthy
-I want my children to find their way and the recognition they deserve
-I want my husband to live stress-free
-I want somebody to discover the cure for type I and II diabetes
-I want to read more books

...once, a "fairy godmother" told me that if you want your wishes to come true, write them on a small piece of paper, hide it between the pages of a book, and forget them. Next time you find this piece of paper see how many of them have come true...

...I wish you fullfilment.

Lau, la proxima vez, te juro que me voy a escribir en espanol, tambien!!!!

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