Thursday, January 20, 2011

Madrid 3..."una companera de la television griega!!!!"

...oh my God!
...what a morning I had today!  I was invited to my favorite morning Spanish show!

...I had arranged before I came to go see the morning show while I was here.  I watch it most of the time in Athens and I have been enjoying it thoroughly.  I had received an invitation after my request, and I sent them samples of my work in pictures and in video.

...the Spanish are a very friendly nation.  They gave me the royal treatment!  They welcomed me, introduced me to the hosts and co-hosts, gave me the best seat in the house, took pictures with me, and in general welcomed me into their Spanish television family.   For them all morning I was their "companera de la television griega"!!!

...this is Marilo, the hostess of the show...very tall and beautiful...

...Sergio, the chef, became my new BFF!

* * * *

* * * *

* * * * was a lovely experience that I will always remember...

* * * *

...tonight I should be visiting the Prado museum...

...did I tell you that I'm in love with Spain?!!!!

Un beso!

~ ~ ~ ~


Lynn Richards said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time!!

annebel said...

oh my God, just enjoy it ! You deserve it !
Kisses, Anne