Sunday, November 7, 2010


...I just want to say that I'm so happy because the Bear is returning from his looooooooong, but too long trip from Asia....

...there were days when I was so jealous for not being with him, especially in Hong Kong...some others when I was feeling lucky for being here in my sweet little corner...and for the past week I have been living la vida loca with the wife and the cousin!

...for the past 3-4 days the weather has been amazing...sun like summer 25C, regretting for putting away the summer clothes...sweets have been baked and eaten...clothes that needed to be ironed have now been put away...curtains have been ones have arrived...customers have placed their orders for Thanksgiving...plans are being made for Christmas...fresh ideas, delicious sweets, fun stuff!

...tomorrow Sunday is election day...I have a cousin who's running for Mayor...
...I wanted to go to the island this weekend, but it seemed impossible...I need time, I need more time to read my books, to sew, to clean, to study, to sleep, to bake, to see my friends, to go out and have a good time without yawning...

...oh! the latest is that I have started having "my own personal summers" stuff!

....leaving you for now, with a big smile and a wish for sweet dreams, because that's where I'll be!


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