Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Que lastima...

..this is a poem by Maya Angelou...

...Oh how you used to walk
With that insouciant smile
I liked to hear you talk
And your style
Pleased me for a while.

You were my early love
New as a day breaking in Spring
You were the image of
That caused me to sing.

I don't like reminiscing
Nostalgia is not my forte
I don't spill tears
On yesterday's years
But honesty makes me say,
You were a precious pearl
How I loved to see you shine
You were the perfect girl.
And you were mine.
For a time.
For a time.
Just for a time.


Christina said...

i love maya!
and thank you, for your sweet comment, today. i always look forward to your comments. you warm my heart. we are sister, friends for sure. ; )

Lynn Richards said...

A hauntingly beautiful poem...

Anonymous said...

τα σικολατακια τα τσακισες ξαδερφη καιη μαγια Αγγελου σε μαρανε,οπως λενε και οι χιωτες του Λονδινου
" Γιωργηηηηηη, κοψε στα παιδια ποπονιιι,
εγω διαβαζω Σαιξπηρ ""